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Buffalo Soldier PatchThis is the official site of the 92nd Infantry (Buffalo) Division’s WWII Association as voted upon by the members of the Association. 

The 92nd Infantry Division was featured in Miracle at St. Anna – a 2008 movie Directed by Spike Lee and based on the novel by James McBride.  While Miracle at St. Anna is a fictional account of the 92nd, it’s based on actual interviews with members of the unit.  

The 92nd Infantry Division was a part of the 5th Army that served in the Italian Theater during World War II.  It was also the only infantry unit comprised entirely of African Americans, or, as they were referred to at the time – Colored Troops, to see combat in Europe.  During their time in Italy, from August of 1944 through the end of the war in May 1945, the 92nd advanced more than 3,000 square miles and captured more than 20,000 German prisoners.  They also suffered heavy casualties – with more than a quarter of the unit killed or wounded in action.  For their Deeds the 92nd earned more than 12,000 decorations and citations – including two Medals of Honor.

This site is intended to serve as a resource for those who wish to know more about the organization.  Navigate through the sidebar at the left for links to resources about the Buffalo Soldiers of the 92nd Infantry Division.  Watch the video below for a brief overview about African Americans serving in the military.




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  1. My father, HIAWATHA C. TURNER, is the Buffalo Soldier on the top row, 2nd from the left. He is still alive and very alert at the age of 92. After the war he made history for himself as a Back man in the state of Michigan by becoming the first of many things starting in the 1950’s until 1980 when he flipped his last house at the age of 80 by himself before he left Flint, Michigan to reside presently in Memphis, Tennesee.

  2. I am doing this search for my friend Dottie Pinard Herron (97 1/2 years old). She was married to George Pinard of the 92 Army group. She cannot remember where the batte was fought in Italy (north of Rome). I will print and forward your response to her. She does not have a computer. Her grandchild wants to visit the battlefield in Italy.
    Thank you for any help.
    Karol Hull, 110 Godspeed Lane, Williamsburg, VA 23185-3108

    • I can’t answer your question but my father (Hugo Heffelfinger) and George served together in the Army and my parents were close friends of theirs. My mother was Bettylu and she passed away in 1970, my father in 2004. If Dottie is still alive please give her my best and hello to her children Mimi and Bill.

  3. Looking for information on Italian Battlefied (North of Rome) where the 92nd Army unit fought. George Pinard was an early leader of the group. Dottie PInard Herron, 97 1/2 years old, wants info for grandchild to visit battlefield.
    Thank you for any information.

    • May 28, 2015

      My name is Jacqueline Birdsong Johnson. My uncle, Second Lieutenant Johnny E. Birdsong, was a Buffalo Soldier in Italy. He served with the Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon. His sister Audrey Birdsong is my mother. Because she is my mom I was able to receive what is left of his Army Record.. Some of the records were destroyed by fire. If you are a relative you may request a copy of his record from the National Personnel Records Center in St Louis, MO. My uncle led in crossing the Arno River. If I can be of any more help please send me an email.



    • May 28, 2015,
      Hello again,
      I forgot to mention that the record reveals where he fought and was killed. His Platoon carried out Intelligence & Reconnaissance missions along the Arno and Serchio Rivers and on the way further North. Once you receive the record and study the history you get a relatively clear picture of the Soldiers sojourn and courage. Because my uncle was a Scout and his platoon was small. it seems that he may not have been known by most of the Soldiers.

      I truly hope you find the information you seek


  4. I am an educator and currently in a project with the ABMC and National History Day. I have the names of Mississippi fallen heroes buried at the Florence American Cemetary. My assignment is to tell the life story of one of these warriors, eulogize him at his gravesite next summer, and develop lesson plans on the fallen Buffalo Soldiers who gave all for a nation that still has much to give to this unique group of fighters.

    If anyone is able to help, reply to this post or email me at Thank you for your consideration and to those retired servicemen and women, thank You for your service.

  5. There is an extensive collection of the 92nd Infantry Division in the Library of congress. I would look at the collection. I believe there us a listing of WIA and KIA in the collection.

    Mike Moore, President of the 92nd Infantry Division Association

  6. Thank you so much. I have narrowed my project to three fallen heroes; two who were attached to the 92nd Infantry. One is CAPT Bernard Yolles from Winona, Montgomery County, MS and the other is SGT Arnett Jennings from Pike County, MS. The third warrior is Eugene Berry from Hattiesburg is with the 242 Quartermaster Battalion. The project is being partnered by the American Battle Monuments Commission so I have access to military records, but I am thankful for you pointing me out to the other resources.

    Raymond Brookter

  7. I don’t see the passing of Edison Herbert Hall Sr he served in the us army in the signal corp during WWII 1941-1946 with both the 92cond and 93rd Infantry Division(segregated all black combat units often referred as the last of the buffalo. Soldiers) he was deployed to Italy and various islands in the pacific theater such as the Solomon’s and Okinawa he reach the rank of Master sergeant by the time of his discharge he also was a cryptologist I was trying to find pictures or any articles about Mr Hall

  8. I am researching as much as I can concerning the 92nd. I had three uncles, Harold Pernell, Andrew Pernell and James Pernell that I can confirm were members of the 92nd during WWII. I had two other uncles, Philip Pernell and Albert Pernell who also served but I cannot be sure if it was in the 92nd. Is there a full roster of the 92nd for WWII available? Any other suggestions and information would be appreciated. I plan to write a history of the 5 Pernell brothers who fought at the same time in WWII ( all enlisted in 1942)

    • From Carolyn Johnston – author of “My Father’s War”.

      There are formal rosters of the 92nd. You can try to get the information from the Dept. of Army archives. They have a huge
      collection on the 92nd Infantry unit. You might also try to check the Library of Congress collection of the 92nd under Spencer Moore and Bill Perry in Manuscripts. Another way would be to survey my book, My Father’s War, Hondon Hargrove, Daniel Gibran, and others. You can request from the National Archives information about military records.

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