92nd Infantry (Buffalo) Division Reunion Display

With Veteran’s Day upon us, we stop to Honor ALL the Veterans who have served in our armed forces.  We would like to take a moment to offer up a special thank you to our WWII Vets.  According to some estimates, we lose about 1,000 WWII Vets every day!

And while they may no longer be with us in body, they are with us in spirit.  We will carry the memories of their service and sacrifice with us and we will take it upon ourselves to share those memories with future generations.

Spencer C. Moore served as an officer with the 92nd Infantry Division during their time in Italy.  During the unit’s 2004 reunion, he took us on a walking tour of their display of unit memorabilia.  Please click on the picture to watch the video.


92nd Photos.95



7 thoughts on “92nd Infantry (Buffalo) Division Reunion Display

  1. I would like to become a member. My great Uncle Charlie C. Johnson was a member of the Company B 365th Inf. 92nd Inf Div. Nov 1942 – Nov 1945 . He passed away Aug 2014. So I can keep the Buffalo Soldiers History Live.

  2. Hello. I am an English as a Second Language teacher and my advanced students have been learning about the Buffalo Soldiers. Currently they are researching to see if any Buffalo Soldiers from WWII are still alive. So far, the websites they have looked at do not say if any of the Buffalo Soldiers of the 92nd Infantry are still alive today. If you can direct us to a website with this information we would be most grateful.

    Thank you!

    • There are still several members alive, however, their numbers are dwindling. I don’t know that there are any sites listing the members that remain.

      • This response is quite a bit late–I`m Andy Pollard-formerly
        of E Company 371; L-company 371 and L Company 370 92nd Div. (Buffalo Div)
        I would imagine that there are still some remaining members of the 92nd Division still around–somewhere . I personally don`t know any. My last remaining buddy was Ivan Houston who passed away last February–he wrote the book Black Warrior which depicts the history of the 3d battalion 370th Infantry Regiment,
        92nd Division (subsequently made into the documentary With
        One Hand Tied). My E-mail address is pollardgallery@aol.com.
        On 2 occasions I have returned to Italy to visit former buddies who are interred in the Florence/American Military Cemetery (outside
        of Florence)

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